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Best Places to Travel in February

Where Should I Travel in February?

Although Sri Lanka is an island with diverse landscapes and climates, February is a good time to visit if you are traveling across the country because you miss the monsoon months which arrive in May until around October. Safari experiences in February are good here – leopards and elephant can be seen in national parks, and blue and sperm whales cruise the coast. Iceland is another good option as sightings of the beautiful Northern Lights are more reliable. Enjoy the wintry activities that the country has to offer, like snowmobile expeditions, glacier hikes, husky rides and ice caving.

February Bondi Beach Sydney Australia 1


Where to stay – Blue Mountains, Gold Coast

The sandy coastline of southern Queensland is romantically known as the Gold Coast. Approximately one hour from Brisbane, the Gold Coast is a haven of white-sand beaches, shopping malls, al fresco restaurants and nearby national parks to name a few. There is an endless supply of things to do here and, with warm temperatures and an abundance of sunshine in February, this month presents the best conditions to do them. As Australia is in the southern hemisphere, this is the height of summer, so temperatures can be quite warm, but it also means that the ocean is warm, at an inviting 77°F. Nearby national parks like Springbrook and Lamington can be enjoyed as day trips from the Gold Coast. Beach days are also welcomed in February and hotels are usually quieter than previous months of December and January after the Christmas rush.

February Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1


Where to stay – Rio de Janeiro

Although Brazil can be visited year-round – February is the most popular to visit the country, and this is almost entirely because of the most famous carnival in the world. Rio Carnival takes place towards the end of February and, with over two million people dancing, singing, drinking, and shaking their hips to the Samba, it is certainly the most lively and memorable time to visit Brazil. The carnival is a combination of color and culture, with some of the most jaw-dropping outfits and designs you’ll ever see on show. However, with such an iconic culture in one of Brazil’s largest cities, it is essential that you book well in advance. Hotels and excursions get booked up very quickly, so we’d recommend speaking to our specialists at least a year in advance if Rio carnival is something you’d like to experience in your Brazil itinerary.

February Lujan de Cuyo Mendoza Argentina 1


Where to stay – Mendoza

February is one of the best times to visit Mendoza in Argentina. Located in the western part of the country, Mendoza is renowned in Argentina (and the rest of the world) as being one of the finest regions for wine production and making. The warm temperatures in February (with a daily average of 82°F) contribute to the success of the vineyards here, and by the end of February, they will all be heavy with grapes, ready for the anticipation of the March harvest. Each vineyard has its own character and charm to it; Some offer quant accommodation and guest-house type accommodation, while others boast picturesque views of the snow-capped Andres mountains. Of course, a guided tour through the vineyards is essential – learning the production and method from grape to bottled Malbec. Aside from wine, Mendoza is a breath-taking landscape and there is plenty to do here, like horse riding, hiking, biking, and even rounds of golf can be enjoyed.

February Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam 1


Where to stay – Hanoi, Hui An, Ho Chi Minh City

As a long, thin country in South East Asia, Vietnam experiences a multitude of microclimates, so there is no ‘best time to visit’ for all of Vietnam. That said, late February is a good time to visit to get comfortable conditions throughout iconic destinations. The northern cities and destinations like Hanoi, Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Sapa can be surprisingly cool in February, but they also offer atmospheric conditions which add to the experience. A cruise along Halong Bay will feel very atmospheric and almost ‘moody-like’, with fog and cloud coverage in the mornings and evenings – this makes for a fantastic photograph. Temperatures start to heat up in March and April times, so February is a comfortable time to take in the sights of southern cities in Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh, without being too humid.

February The Palms Zanzibar 1


Where to stay – The Palms, Baraza, the Residence

Zanzibar Island is a tropical island, east of Tanzania’s mainland in East Africa. As it’s located near the equator, Zanzibar offers warm temperatures throughout the year but try to avoid the April to May period as this is the rainy season. In February, temperatures are warm and there is an abundance of sunshine to enjoy while you relax on the white sand beaches or explore the local sites full of history and culture. The ocean is warm which makes swimming, snorkeling, and diving very enjoyable. However, it’s worth noting that Zanzibar is very tidal, so if you want to swim in the sea throughout the day, we’d recommend staying on the east of the island, in somewhere like Paje. Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar and, as a UNESCO world-heritage site, it is certainly a destination worth visiting for a day (either as a day trip from your hotel, or on route from the airport to your hotel). We’d also recommend a spice tour, a trip to Jozani forest, and watersports activities.

February Marina Bay Sands Singapore 1


Where to stay – Hotel Raffles, Marina Bay Sands, Villa Samadhi

Sitting in the base of the peninsular of Malaysia, Singapore has an array of cultures, cuisines, and experiences to enjoy. In February, temperatures are warm and comfortable, with an average of 80°F – great conditions for a day at the beach, taking a swim in the ocean, or enjoying sight seeing in the cities. There is also an abundance of festivals and events in Singapore in February, which will give you an insight into the local traditions, cultures, and celebrations. These include Thaipusam Galore, River Hangbao Celebration, and the Garden Beats Festival to name a few. Each offering a unique display of sounds and sights, the festivals showcase some of Singapore’s most diverse culture.

February Nabiosho Camp Kenya 1


Where to stay – Governors Camp, Nabiosho Camp, Rekero Camp

Although there are a few months to avoid visiting Kenya in (such as April, May, and November due to the rain), Kenya is a destination that you can comfortably visit year-round. The Masai Mara National Reserve is arguably one of the best destinations in all of Africa to do a safari in. With endless plains and savannahs stretching out across the Mara Reserve and its greater conservancies, there is an abundance of wildlife like elephants, zebra, antelope, hippo, and crocodile aplenty. The Masai Mara is also renowned for having some of the best sightings of big cats – lion prides, leopard, and cheetah coalitions in particular. Although the grasses are higher in February, the weather is warm and there is an abundance of sunshine which makes a day on safari very enjoyable. It also offers a little more excitement as spotting animals becomes a little more work than other months.

February Dinaka Camp Botswana 1


Where to stay – Dinaka Camp, Leroo La Tau Lodge, Camp Kalahari

The period between December and March is the green season in Botswana. Although temperatures are still warm, expect rain during this period and the month of February. That said, the rain showers are short and intense, usually seen as an afternoon thunderstorm. When you are in the bush in the middle of one of these thunderstorms, there is nothing quite like it. The skies roar and the savannahs look dramatic in every sense. For amateur and professional photographers, it’s a great time to visit Botswana. It also means that a lot of the camps and lodges offer low season rates which makes a huge difference when it comes to the usual price of a Botswana safari. Although the grasses are taller and the vegetation thicker, it’s likely that your wildlife sightings will be all to yourself. The best parks to visit in February include the Central Kalahari, Nxai Pan and the Makgadikgai National Park, which come alive with the dramatic rains.

February Varkala Kerala India 1


Where to stay – Kerala, Goa, Mumbai

February is a great time to visit India, with dry and warm weather across much of the country. The southern destinations in India, like Goa are Kerala, hot and have an abundance of sunshine so you will often find sun-seekers flock to Goa for a beach vacation. Although the beaches are beautiful along the southern coast, there is so much more to southern India than Goa. Make sure you set out early in the morning to visit beautiful temples like Kanchipuram and Tanjore. If you’re staying in Kerala, enjoy the palm-fringed waterways in the sunshine. February is also a good time to explore all that Central India and Mumbai has to offer, as it avoids the scorching temperatures that arrive later in the year. There is plenty to see and do in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), such as the Gateway of India’s stone arch, and an abundance of ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu God.

FebruaryMirissa Sri Lanka 1

Sri Lanka

Where to stay – Galle, Mirissa, Colombo

Sri Lanka is a tropical island with many regional disparities when it comes to the best time to visit – temperatures and weather conditions vary considerably. Between December and April is the best time to visit the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, before the monsoon season arrives in late April/May time. These areas include Tangalle, Mirissa, Galle and Colombo. A typically Galle day is spent cycling in the rural backwaters in the morning, enjoying the local delicacies and cuisine for lunch, and then lazing at the gorgeous Talpe Beach Club in the afternoon. In the evening, head to the Fort for cold beers and crab curry at Elita in the evening.


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