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Best Places to Travel in August

Where Should I Travel in August?

European destinations like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy are beautiful in August as there is usually full sunshine and warm weather. That said, this is usually the hottest month across Europe so try to give yourself a longer time in each place so you can enjoy sightseeing during the cooler periods of the day like early mornings and late evenings. August is a wonderful time to visit the Kruger Park in South Africa – it’s cool in the morning and evening so the animals are active but still hot in the middle of the day. The vegetation is sparse so its easy to spot the wildlife.

August Victoria Falls Zimbabwe 1


Where to stay – Mana Pools, Victoria Falls, Hwange

August is in the middle of the dry season in Zimbabwe, so with warm temperatures and little rainfall, it is a comfortable time to visit, as well as enjoy a Zimbabwe safari. Temperatures average from around 77-82°F and, as there is little rainfall, the animals tend to congregate around the waterholes which makes the game viewing more reliable. A typical day on safari in Zimbabwe, in somewhere like Hwange or Mana Pools, involves an early morning game drive (around 6am-11am) and then another game drive late afternoon (around 3pm-7pm). The period in the middle of the day is the hottest which means the animals tend to be hidden away in shady spots, so the safari is more productive if you head back to camp to relax during this time. You will enjoy a delicious, cooked lunch, as well as an afternoon siesta or a dip in the pool. To find out more about a Zimbabwe safari, get in touch with our Africa specialists.

August Ko Samui Thailand 1


Where to stay – Ko Samui

Although most of the northern part of Thailand experiences heavy monsoon showers during August, Ko Samui on the Gulf of Thailand has its own microclimate and experiences good weather in August. With white-sand beaches and palm-fringed coastlines, Ko Samui offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a peaceful or romantic beach break, or more of a lively and thriving night scene. Although you will not experience much rain (you may endure a short-lived downpour), temperatures in Ko Samui in August do tend to get quite hot and humid, so you need to be ok with heat if you want to be comfortable here. For those looking to snorkel or dive, the waters are clear with good visibility, especially in the Ang Thong National Marine Park.

August Malawi 1


Malawi is located in East Africa and has slightly different weather patterns to neighboring countries. The period of December to April is the wet season, and May to August presents the driest and hottest period. The country is long and thin and although Lilongwe (the capital) is well-known, much of Malawi is off the radar when it comes to tourism. There is so much to do and see in Malawi, including National Parks and safari experiences, hiking and mountains, and of course, the coasts of Lake Malawi. However, it is the people of Malawi that truly make a Malawi trip so special. The people of Malawi are kind and sincere so wherever you stay, you’ll feel exceptionally welcomed. Malawi is often a destination for experienced safari-ers, or those who have been to Africa many times. To find out more, get in touch with our Africa specialists.

August Barcelona Spain 1


Where to stay – Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid

August is one of the hottest months of the year in Spain, with daily temperatures anywhere between around 71-88°F. This is a great time for sun seekers to head to Spain, especially if lying on a white-sand beach and sipping a cocktail in the evening is the only thing on the agenda. For those who want to do more sightseeing and exploring around the Spanish cities, be aware that August is hot and often very busy (as it is the school holidays). Days are filled with bright sunshine and the evenings are very pleasant, so if you can handle the heat then it is worth considering. Northern Spain (such as Bilbao, Andorra and Barcelona) will be slightly cooler than southern destinations (such as Malaga, Gibraltar and Seville).

August Quito Ecuador 1

Mainland Ecuador

Where to stay – Quito, Mindo cloud forest

Although a Galapagos cruise is less appealing in August (with rough seas and cloudy conditions), August is a great time to visit mainland Ecuador. With such a diverse landscape and topography in Ecuador, there are many microclimates within the country, but generally-speaking, both the Amazon rainforest and the highlands offer dry conditions in August. For wildlife and adventure seekers, mainland Ecuador really is ideal. Mindo cloud forest, in northern Ecuador, is home to an abundance of birdlife, such as the iridescent hummingbird. Because there is such a diverse landscape, be sure to pack layers and warm clothing for the cool mornings and nights.

August Bodrum Turkey 1


Where to stay – Bodrum

Like much of Europe in August, temperatures in Turkey are at their hottest. If you are looking to bask in the sun, tanning and resting, this is certainly a good time for you to visit. Bodrum is a city on the south-west tip of Turkey, with coasts looking out to the Aegean Sea. The city is a gateway for nearby beach towns and resorts – the perfect place to head to in August. As well as Bodrum, other destinations to combine in Turkey include Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Pamukkale. Some families are limited to the school holiday period to travel (including August) so although it’s busy, we can put together a personalized trip for you well in advance.

August Madagascar 1


Where to stay – Madagascar

Madagascar is a large island in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400km off the coast of East Africa (it’s closest country being Mozambique). It’s actually the second-largest island country in the world, and with such a diverse topography and landscape, it’s no surprise that it can be tricky to determine the best time of year to visit Madagascar. Generally-speaking, the days are mild, averaging around 68-72°F from coast to coast. That said, the winds are often strong, especially in the east and north coast of Madagascar, with speeds anywhere from 37 to 74km per hour). August is a prime time to experience the flora and fauna of Madagascar and it’s one of the best times to see the lemurs, bird life, and the humpback whales pass along the east coast. Madagascar is a fascinating island and for those interested, please give our Africa experts a call!

August Buenos Aires Argentina 1


Where to stay – Buenos Aires

Although it’s relatively cool in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires in August, there are certainly advantages to traveling at this time. The first is that you escape the crowds and accommodation prices that the peak season (December to March) brings. The second is that the city comes to live with the annual Tango Festival that takes place every August in Buenos Aires. Regarded as the world’s sexiest dance, there is nowhere else that tango’s better than Argentina. The music, dancing, and general atmosphere around the city is electrifying, and while you can watch the most spectacular dances and celebrations, you too can join in and learn how to dance! Of course, a day of tango dancing would not be the same without an Argentinian steak and red wine in the evening.

August Roho ya Selous Tanzania 1


Where to stay – Roho ya Selous, Siwandu Camp, Jabali Ridge

While the northern parks of Tanzania are often most visited, the southern parks of Tanzania are worth serious consideration. The Selous Game Reserve is one of Africa’s largest reserves and is renowned for its safari activities on the water, with elephant, hippo and crocodile aplenty. It’s also the most reliable safari destination in Tanzania to see wild dog. Further west is Ruaha National Park which is a contrasting park. Where the Selous is focused on the water activities, with the Rufji River running through the park, Ruaha is dry and vast, with hundred-year-old baobab trees standing tall. Both southern parks can be accessed via light aircraft planes and are fantastic in August and September in particular – as it gets towards the end of the dry season.

August Lower Zambezi NP Zambia 1


Where to stay – Lower Zambezi National Park

Although many other safari destinations can be visited throughout the year, Zambia’s national parks are often closed between the November to May period. August is the height of the dry season so almost all the national parks in Zambia are open and flourishing with exceptional wildlife sightings. The Lower Zambezi National Park is in southern Zambia, on the Zimbabwean border. On one side of the Zambezi River is the Lower Zambezi (the Zambian side), and on the other is Mana Pools (Zimbabwean side). Both national parks offer fantastic safari experiences, with safari activities offered both on land and on water. One of the highlights in the Lower Zambezi is canoeing along the river. With crocodiles and hippos beneath you, it’s both an exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled activity. For our Africa specialists to start curating your luxury safari to Zambia, please get in touch!


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