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Best Places to Travel in April

Where Should I Travel in April?

Jordan offers low humidity and rainfall in April, so conditions to explore the ancient city of Petra, or the souks of Amman are good. Temperatures average around low 20° Celsius so you can enjoy long days of sightseeing without breaking a sweat or becoming exhausted. Heading to Asia, Japan is a fantastic choice for a holiday in April. The country is famous for its ‘sakura’ which is the cherry blossom season – a covering of vibrant pinks and reds bring light to the streets and countryside of Japan. In Europe, Italian cities like Rome and Naples, are far better done in milder temperatures.

April Himalayas Nepal 1


Where to stay – Katmandu, Himalayas

March and April are great months to visit Nepal. This is before the summer monsoon arrives, which brings hot and humid temperatures, along with intense, wet downpours. April, however, is a great time to explore the Himalayas and Katmandu. Long, warm days with an abundance of sunshine make it perfect conditions for hiking in Nepal. While Everest base camp is only for the most elite and athletic, there are many great hiking trails to consider in Nepal including the Balthali Village trek (3 days), the Ghandruk trek (3-4 days), and the Panchase trek (4 days). There is also a lively buzz in the air in Nepal’s capital, Katmandu, as April is a month of festivals and celebrations. Bisket Jatra (the Nepali New Year) is celebrated mid-April, so the streets are often lined with color, culture, and celebrations. Some unique competitions are also held – like giant tug-of-war tournaments.

April Brussels Belgium 1


Where to stay – Brussels

April is the start of spring for the European country of Belgium, and as the winter temperatures fade, more sunshine and warmer temperature arrives. The temperature is relatively mild, around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and the days are dry which allows days of undisturbed sight-seeing across the country. Head to the capital, Brussels, to explore some exquisite art and architecture, with sites like the Grand Palace and the open-air antique markets of the Grand Sablon. Brussels is also renowned for its eating and drinking scene. With arguably the best chocolate in the world, and local delicacies like the Belgium waffle and Moules-Frites, you may need to pack some stretchy trousers! Local craft beer is also worth sampling during your stay.

April Constance Ephelia Seychelles 1


Where to stay – Carana Beach Hotel, Constance Ephelia, The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach

April is one of the best times to visit the Seychelles. It marks the end of the North-West monsoon season, and the start of the South-East monsoon. As a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, there are always risks of sporadic rain showers but, generally-speaking, April is a drier period and with plenty of hours of sunshine, it’s a good time to visit to relax on the white-sand beaches and take in the warm weather (averaging around 75-89 degrees Fahrenheit). With over 100 islands making up the Seychelles, there is plenty of choice as to where to go and stay. Each island offers something unique and the archipelago of islands is relatively accessible to get around, which makes it a good option for those who want to island-hop and not be restricted to one island.

April Melbourne Australia 1


Where to stay – Melbourne

April is a great time to visit Australia’s southern city, Melbourne. As the capital of the southeastern state of Victoria, Melbourne is a city offering something for everyone. The city center is a cosmopolitan hub, filled with trendy bars, cafes, and al fresco restaurants. Although temperatures are not hot (averaging around 55-71 degrees Fahrenheit), spacious green parks and beautiful beaches tend to fill up with both locals and tourists during this period, creating a lively atmosphere. April is also a great time to visit this exciting city because it hosts several festivals and celebrations, including the Melbourne Comedy Festival, fashion festivals, plenty of food and wine festivals, and Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Paris France


Where to stay – Paris, Nice, Lyon

Visiting France in the springtime is a wonderful experience. The weather starts to warm up, there are more hours of bright sunshine, and the towns and cities start to liven up with trendy cafes and restaurants offering their outdoor spots. Easter is celebrated in April so you may experience some local festivities which, almost always, feature a huge amount of delicious food. In fact, Bessieres offer an unusual experience, with up to 10,000 people making a giant omelet. This uses around 15,000 eggs and requires an exceptionally large pan. Temperatures are often around the low 60s (degrees Fahrenheit) but be sure to pack layers for the evenings as it does tend to get a bit cooler, especially in the north.

April Espanola island Galapagos 1

The Galapagos Islands

Where to stay – The Galapagos Islands – land or cruise

Generally speaking, the best time to visit the Galapagos Islands depends on what type of wildlife you want to see, and what experience you are after. There are two main seasons – the cool and dry season between June and November, and the warm and wetter season which lasts from December to May. With that in mind, both seasons offer different highlights and experiences. April is a good time to see particular wildlife, such as the waved albatross bird which you can spot on the Island of Espanola. This warmer period, including April, also offers better visibility in the ocean for divers and snorkelers, and you’ll have the chance to see sea turtles and playful young sea lions.

April Boston USA 1


Where to stay – Boston

Although you can visit the USA year-round (although bear in mind that the winter months can be freezing), April is generally a great time to visit most of the big cities in America. Boston is in the east of the USA, north of New York City. This city is renowned for its long history and love affair with sports – baseball, ice hocky and basketball in particular. After the cold winter months, April starts to warm up and the baseball season begins early in the month. As you travel around Boston, you’ll see parks and green spaces full of locals playing sports. During mid-end of April is also when the Boston Marathon takes place. This is an iconic event as it marks the oldest city marathon on Earth. As well as sport, take time to enjoy the local cuisine. Whether it’s a Michelin-stared restaurant or local street food, Boston’s food scene is often better than expected.

April Mauritius 1


Where to stay – Mauritius

This subtropical Indian Ocean island does experience a variation of conditions and microclimates. The months of April and May tend to be hot and dry and, as they are regarded as shoulder seasons, hotels and resorts are often less busy and offer great value for money. Temperatures average around 81-82 degrees Fahrenheit which makes pleasant conditions to relax on the beach or explore the beautiful island. Conditions on and under the water are also good – with great visibility for exploring the coral reefs and dramatic drop-offs. You can also quite easily combine Mauritius with a South Africa trip and, as April is one of the best times to visit Cape Town, they complement each other well. Speak to our Africa specialists to find out more.

April Tokyo Japan 1


Where to stay – Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima

Excuse the pun but Japan in April is blooming with beauty. When experts are asked when the best time to go to Japan is, the majority will say April straight away. Not only is this because of the iconic bright pink cherry blossoms, but also because the weather is slowly becoming warmer and there is plenty of sunshine. The first blooms of the cherry blossoms appear in the southern Okinawan Islands (around February). Further north, cities like Kyoto, Tokyo, and Hiroshima can start to see the cherry blossoms arriving around late March/ early April. For first time visitors to Japan, we’d recommend flying in and out of the iconic capital, Tokyo. Kyoto is also a must – littered with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a wealth of enticing cultural experiences. Of course, Hiroshima, Hakone National Park and Miyajima are also worth exploring. It’s safe to say there is no shortage of destinations to travel to when it comes to Japan.

April London UK 1


Where to stay – London

April is in the middle of spring in the UK, which is a beautiful time to explore the cities, towns, and rural spots across England. The summer months (between June and September) often get busy in cities like London and Cambridge, so April is a good time to see these cities in the best light, with much fewer crowds. There is an abundance of things to do and see in London, with some of the most iconic sights being Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the British Museum, and Tower Bridge. The city has more of its own microclimate and is often a little warmer than other areas in England, averaging anywhere from 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit across April. We’d highly recommend a guided tour across this iconic city, taking in history and landmarks dating back to Roman times.


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