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  • 7 best places to drink a G&T

7 best places to drink a G&T

A gin and tonic is a classic drink that should be enjoyed in ultimate paradise. Whether that paradise place is an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, a jungle treehouse deep within the depths of Bali, or in a luxury tented camp overlooking a herd of elephants’ drink from a waterhole. If you have ever been on an African safari, you will be familiar with the concept of ‘the sundowner’.  This is a time of day, around 6pm in Africa, when you enjoy an alcoholic drink (most commonly a local beer or a gin and tonic) and dedicate 20 minutes or so to watch the sun go down, whilst sipping your drink.

Although it doesn’t necessarily carry the same name, the best time of day to enjoy a gin and tonic whilst travelling is during sunset. The sky slowly turns into a beautiful canvas of reds, pinks and yellows. Whether you drink your G&T with a slice of freshly cut lemon, lime or even cucumber, here are some of the best places to drink your G&T, offering nothing but wow-factor landscapes and breathtaking views.

Chitwa Chitwa

Chitwa Chitwa, South Africa

Of course, a South Africa safari is featured at the top of the list of 8 best places to drink a G&T.  At Chitwa Chitwa, a luxury safari loge in Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa, they take sundowners very seriously. The bar at Chitwa Chitwa is on wheels and can be enjoyed in the most remote of locations in Sabi Sands. The sundowner vehicle is equipped with a fully stocked bar, an array of snacks and nibbles, and even its very own pizza oven! While lions and elephants roam the savannahs, sit back, enjoy a freshly cooked pizza and sip a delicious G&T.

Jabali RIdge

Jabali Ridge, Tanzania

Jabali Ridge is an award-winning lodge deep in the heart of Ruaha National Park in southern Tanzania. Its architecture alone is enough of a wow-factor. However to top it off, its interior design, infinity pool and views across a baobab forest make it one of the best safari lodges in all of Tanzania. The team of friendly barman are always available to make you the perfect G&T, serving it by the infinity pool, the lounge areas, or your private veranda. The cocktails are also famous here and Jabali on the Rocks is one of our recommendations. 

Park Hyatt Toyko

Park Hyatt, Tokyo

Have you dreamed about sipping a G&T from the top of a luxury hotel overlooking Tokyo? The New York Bar in the Park Hyatt is the place to do it. Located on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel, this bar boats some of the best, undisturbed views of Japan’s capital city. At night, the city is lit up and offers a glistening collection of colours, lights and an electric atmosphere. The bar itself is a trendy, cosmopolitan bar, equipped with a fully stocked bar, a state-of-the-art menu and even live musicians playing the piano.

Kirini Santorini

Kirini Santorini, Greece

Located in Oia, Santorini, Katikies Kirini takes luxury to a whole new level. Clean white buildings and vivid blue tones contrast throughout the property and offers undisturbed views of the Aegean Sea from any location. The hotel is made up of luxury suites, and hotel facilities include a heated spa cave pool, a wellness spa offering a range of treatments, and several dining options. Take a gin and tonic to any of these idyllic spots in the hotel and enjoy the stunning views in total tranquility.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

The Canadian Rockies are a part of the Rocky Mountains – a jaw-droppingly beautiful mountain range surrounded by exceptional views, colours, lakes and forests. Discover these breathtaking mountains from Alberta (Calgary) all the way through to Vancouver (British Columbia), via one of the most iconic train journeys on Earth. As you pass through landscapes like the Banff and Jasper National Parks, you can enjoy drinks and refreshments on board, served by a train assistant. 

Image: Rocky Mountaineer

Kahalari Plains

Kahalari Plains Camp, Botswana

Located in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, this camp is one of the most beautiful camps in the country, and really focuses on the raw landscape that surrounds the camp. With expansive views like these, what better place to enjoy a cold G&T from? During your game drives, species like wildebeest, springbok, mongoose and even honey badgers can be seen. At night, enjoy a sundowner from your room, the main area or, for those feeling adventurous, spend a night in the sleep-out.

Karumba Maldives

Karumba, Maldives

Built on a former coconut plantation, Karumba Maldives is a little slice of paradise. Located on its own private island in the Maldives, Karumaba is a luxury hotel surrounded by azure waters, white sand beaches and nothing but the sounds of gentle waves. Although there is a wealth of activities of things to do here, including watersports activities like jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking, Karumba Maldives is a place to completely relax from the stresses of life. With a gin and tonic or a local beer in your hand, this will certainly help do so!